Rose pattern tights pic #1

I bought this shirt/dress in my beloved American Apparel some time ago and love it because there is so many ways to wear it. Here is an example from another blog.

Rose pattern tights pic #2

dress once again American Apparel

Last time i mentioned i would write something about fashion in czech and because i like to keep my promises...

What i think czech fashion lacks the most is diversity you see in other countries. I do not know if it is because it is such small country or because most of the people don't have the guts to show off (and be judged). Might be little bit of both but it often seems like we are ready and willing to accept and copy all the stupid and mainstream fashion and in many cases make it look even more ridiculous. Like those rap wannabe* kids you see wearing baggy pants with fake silver chains hanging around their neck. Also spray tan and bleached hair is one of those things which widely spread around the world and our country is not an exception.

Many young czech have problems with determining their style. They take little bit of something of everything and just throw it one crazy looking pile and it makes me wonder whether they are hippie, hard core or EMO. Misusage of symbols (like  goes hand in hand with it. They wear bracelets with anarchistic symbols along with the satanistic ones and it makes me wonder if they have such different views/believes or they really are that stupid.

Others think that shopping in H&M is all it takes to dress well when it's definitely more then that. (Don't get me wrong though i really do like H&M!)

So i feel like this should be enough ranting for now:). More next time.
Tentokrat se mi moc do prekladu nechce tak snad mi porozumite. Dejte mi vedet, co si o tom myslite vy (nebo jestli by to chtelo popripade prelozit). :)
*wannabe=Someone who wants to be what they are not.